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Painter: Linus Svensson
Sculptor: Tom Meier

Head: 34mm
Eyes: 32mm
Overall: 35mm

CWE0031 - Leopardskin Chief

Having gained the power to call down a curse upon people, The Leopardskin Chief uses it not to advance his own station (as would a witch), but to force people to do right by one another. He has devoted his powers to the resolution of conflicts and/or punishment of wrongdoers. He is a skilled investigator, a persuasive negotiator, and when necessary a terrifying source of supernatural vengeance. To those who have done wrong, a visit from the Leopard-Skin chief is a frightening event, one best averted by any means possible.
There is of course no mistaking the presence of a Leopardskin Chief for that of another neighbor. But if the site of the Leopardskin Chief’s cloak is not sufficient to strike fear in the hearts of wrongdoers, then his actions most certainly will.
Informed of a theft, a murder, or some other wrongdoing, the Leopardskin Chief will normally visit the offender, and call down a curse upon him. What happens next depends on the wisdom of the offending party and the personal predilections of the Leopardskin Chief. If the offending party offers to return the return stolen property or otherwise compensates his victim, a Leopardskin Chief will normally release the party from the effects of their spells. Some practitioners of this science are more vindictive than others, but the goal of the Leopardskin Chief is always to resolve conflicts between other parties and to bring order to the community.