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Painter: Julie Goodwin
Sculptor: Gael Goumon

Head: 30mm
Eyes: 28mm
Overall: 30mm

CWE0005 - Tau, Nubian Wrestler

Nubian wrestling is as ancient as any of the martial arts. They are depicted in a number of Egyptian sources, and the tradition has continued well into the modern era. The infamous Leni Riefenstahl is perhaps the most well known source on the subject. Her photography books contain a number of striking images, including those of actual wrestling matches. It was admittedly Riefenstahl's pictures which gave us the idea for a Nuban Wrestler wearing razors on his wrists. They use an exotic weapon, show tremendous courage in battle, and at other times they wear a variety of beautiful painted masks (a challenge to the freehand painter). That's more than enough to spark our interest.

Article covering the ancient Egyptian sources on Nuban wrestling.

Article discussing Nuban Wrestling in the modern era.

Article depicting contemporary issues among the Nuba.

Leni Riefenstahl's work as well as a number of photographs depicting Nuban wrestlers in action and at rest.